Revealed: 5 mistakes dog owners make managing their dog’s arthritis

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5 most common things people get wrong trying to help their dog with arthritis:

1. Thinking he/she is ‘just getting older’.

Stiff joints are not due to old age. They may come with age but they are due to arthritis and arthritis can be helped.

2. Restricting exercise.

Our dogs love 3 things – getting cuddles, running around and food. If you restrict their exercise you are denying them one of their loves!

We recommend managing the arthritis, reducing inflation and pain and letting them exercise as they like.

If they are in pain or don’t want to go out they will tell you. This is a way of knowing we need to give them a little more help.

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3. Stopping supplements because they don’t seem to make a difference.

Supplements containing correct levels of proven, clinically tested ingredients do work. Some of the work they are doing to help cartilage, reduce inflammation and reduce pain is happening inside the joints and may be invisible to us. It’s also a cumulative effect so that you see the most improvement over time.

4. Thinking metacam, rimadyl and similar drugs only work because they mask the signs of pain.

This is not true. All these non-steroidal drugs do two things…

They act as anti-inflammatories within the joint to slow down the arthritis which destroys joint tissue from within. AND they act as painkillers.

5. Thinking weight gain is inevitable because he/she is not exercising as much.

In fact, for an overweight dog, even a 10% loss in body weight (for example taking an overweight 20kg dog to 18kg), has the same beneficial effect on arthritic symptoms as using metacam, rimadyl and other similar drugs.

That’s how effective weight loss can be. Of course feed treats (most of our dogs live for food!), but use treats like carrot sticks and freeze dried liver, both low calorie and nutritious.
Feeding just 10 percent less each day will make all the difference and we guarantee your dog won’t notice.

To learn more about regenerative medicine such as stem cell therapy to help your dog become fully mobile, please call us today on 03452 200 236.

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Look at what pet owners say

Tigga is so full of energy and the joy of living once again, it is marvellous. I cannot thank you enough for all you have done for Tigga...I recommend the Stem Cell procedure for arthritis with total conviction.

5 star review

Treatment has proved to be of enormous benefit. There is no difficulty in getting Amira mobile and her enthusiasm for running is quite amazing...Long may it continue. I am very happy to recommend Stem Cell Vet.

5 star review

It has been a privilege to see Stewart. He is very thorough in his investigations and listens to everything you tell him...Arnie has one more treatment left later this month and I am so grateful to Stewart and his team as I know Arnie would probably not be with me, if it wasn't for Stewart.

5 star review

Stewart and his team have been fabulous in supporting Ollie and us through the treatment, which has significantly improved his mobility...and is clearly in a much more comfort. All of the team care and treat your loved ones as if they were their own.

5 star review

My cats have had six treatments of stem cells and are doing really well. The staff at Stem Cell Vet were amazing in every way. I would recommend the treatment and all the staff involved in this process.

5 star review

Dudley is currently doing so much better than before. He is his usual lively self and seems happy and well...We have great peace of mind knowing that Stem Cell Vet are doing all they can for him. I highly recommend contacting them.

5 star review

We immediately saw the difference. Stewart had a positive attitude and cared about the dog and not my credit card, unlike most of the other vets we had seen. We feel that Stewart has become a friend to us...our dog is now over 2 years old and we hope that with Stewart’s help she lives a lot longer.

5 star review

My 2 happy spaniels can now run freely and be spaniels again. Before the treatment, they had been slowing down and limping in pain...but stem cells treatment have given them a second chance with hardly any down time. The insurance also paid over 90% of the fees. Definitely worth exploring if you don’t see your dog in constant pain as unavoidable, given what medical science can offer.

5 star review

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