We make your dog’s arthritis better

Stem Cell Vet work with dogs of all ages & breeds who are struggling with arthritis. We use cutting edge treatments such as Stem Cell Therapy, to help them become fully mobile & pain free.

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Improved quality of life

Stem cell therapy for dogs can improve the quality of their life by reducing pain, increasing mobility and effectively giving your dog a new lease of life.

Same day procedure

Many of our patients travel long distances, so we schedule the procedure to be carried out on the day of your visit, after an in-depth examination and consultation on the most effective treatment options.


Treatment costs vary depending on the individual clinical condition, but are thoroughly discussed at the consultation. Stem Cell Therapy is covered by most pet insurance companies.

Treat old or new injuries

Stem cell therapy works regardless of the age or extent of the injuries, so it may not matter if your dog has had arthritis for several years or has only just begun to suffer from it.

Reduced future costs

In many cases we can reduce the amounts of medication needed to control pain, which reduces your costs. We can also freeze some of the stem cells for later use, reducing the cost of future treatments, should they be necessary.

Quick recovery time

Recovery time is short, your dog will go home the same day.

Before & After Treatment

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Would it change your dog’s life if he or she could get their mobility back?

Get started today with 3 steps to an improved quality of life for your dog

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    FREE Telephone Consultation

    We can assess your dog’s suitability for regenerative medicine such as stem cell therapy, over the phone.

    If we think we can improve your dog’s quality of life, we’ll then invite you to an in-person (or video) consultation so we can examine your dog.

    We also do the leg work for you and can get pre-approval for treatment from your pet insurance company for treatment.

    We also have other funding options available if you don’t have pet insurance.

    We invite you to book your free phone consultation with us now by filling in the online form. Click the button below to get started.

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    FREE* Vet Consultation

    In person or video consultation and physical exam

    We conduct a full clinical examination of your dog either via video or at our clinic in Somerset, and discuss treatment options with you.

    If we believe stem cell therapy or another treatment will benefit your dog, we’ll offer you the option to schedule the stem cell procedure with us.

    Treatment can be carried out on this same day if desired.

    We only recommend treatment if we are sure we can help your dog

    * consultation fee is £250 but will be free for pet owners who proceed with treatment (£250 discount will be applied to subsequent treatment fees).

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    Treatment to free your dog of arthritic pain

    As the first step, we administer a short general anaesthetic and remove some fat cells from your dog’s tummy. This takes under an hour and your dog will go home on the same day. Any complementary regenerative treatments such as PRP or joint fluid replacement injections are usually also administered at the same time.

    The fat cells then go to our lab and stem cells are isolated, grown into millions, activated and counted, which can take up to 30 days.

    We then schedule a follow up appointment to have the stem cells injected directly into your dog’s joints with the help of a sedative or short anaesthetic.

    The treatment is safe and painless and your dog will go home on the same day.

    If you have been considering stem cell therapy for your dog, there has never been a better time to speak to us.

What our service includes

Our single goal is to significantly improve the lives of the patients under our care. This means we will offer you the best possible regenerative therapy available to help your dog.

Full initial consultation and physical exam with assessment and recommendations

Blood tests to ensure suitability for regenerative medicine therapy

Full radiograph service

Injection of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) into joint(s)

Preparation, counting and culture of stem cells

Injection of stem cells into joint(s)

Storage of stem cells for future use in our dedicated lab

Comprehensive follow-up plan at 30, 60, 90, 180 and 360 days

*Owners of the dogs we treat for arthritis report a significant reduction in pain, and a significant improvement in mobility and quality of life within 3 months of treatment with us. Please note that patients may not receive just Stem Cell Therapy, and we take a multi-modal approach to each individual in order to achieve the best possible outcome. Our single goal is to significantly improve the lives of the patients under our care, and this may mean we advise treatments to compliment the regenerative therapies we use. Your dog does not have to live with the pain and reduced mobility of arthritis, which can persist even with medication or surgery. Stem Cell Therapy has been used successfully on thousands of dogs and cats here in the UK and abroad.

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