Affordable Stem Cell Therapy with
100% success rate

Your dog does not have to live with the pain and reduced mobility of arthritis, which can persist even with medication or surgery. Stem Cell Therapy has been used successfully on thousands of dogs and cats here in the UK and abroad.

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100% of owners of pets using our adipose derived stem cell therapy for arthritis report a marked improvement in mobility, a marked reduction in pain and a marked improvement in quality of life within 3 months of treatment, many within just 3 weeks. Not all cases seen are treated with stem cell therapy.

Improved quality of life

Stem cell therapy for dogs & cats can improve the quality of their life by reducing pain, increasing mobility and effectively giving your pet a new lease of life.

Same day procedure

Many of our patients travel long distances, so we schedule the procedure to be carried out on the day of your visit, after an in-depth examination and consultation on the most effective treatment options.


Treatment costs vary depending on the individual clinical condition, but are thoroughly discussed at the consultation. Typically, costs vary between £1200-£4000. Stem Cell Therapy is covered by most pet insurance companies.

Treat old or new injuries

Stem cell therapy works regardless of the age or extent of the injuries, so it may not matter if your pet has had arthritis for several years or has only just begun to suffer from it.

Quick recovery time

Recovery time is short, your pet will go home the same day.

Reduced future costs

In many cases we can reduce the amounts of medication needed to control pain, which reduces your costs. We can also freeze some of the stem cells for later use, reducing the cost of future treatments, should they be necessary.

Conditions we currently treat

Arthritis, Soft Tissue Injuries & Fractures

We carry out Stem Cell Therapy for dogs & cats with arthritis, bone and tendon injuries. This includes hip dysplasia, degenerative joint disease, calcification, common degeneration and inflammation, as well as cruciate ligament damage. We’ve had great success treating these conditions.

Kidney Disease in Cats

Renal disease is most commonly a chronic kidney disease that affects up to 50% of cats over the age of 10 years old (although it can affect younger cats). This disease is very tough to treat. Many vets are only able to treat symptoms of the disease and not the disease itself. Stem cell therapy has shown promising signs for renal disease.

Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) is the most likely cause of chronic vomiting and diarrhoea in dogs. IBD is a condition or disease that is related to an over active immune system. Stem cell therapy treatment has been shown to help the underlying causes of this disease.

Stem cell therapy is also being used in other conditions, that we know less about, but are seeing some exciting results. We treat these other cases under ‘compassionate use’: degenerative myelopathy, feline gingivitis, allergies, auto-immune disease, pulmonary fibrosis, immune mediated haemolytic anaemia, atopy, and spinal trauma.

Look at what pet owners say

Tigga is so full of energy and the joy of living once again, it is marvellous. I cannot thank you enough for all you have done for Tigga…I recommend the Stem Cell procedure for arthritis with total conviction.

5 star review

Mary PiersOwner of Tigga the dog (arthritis)

My cats have had six treatments of stem cells and are doing really well. The staff at Stem Cell Vet were amazing in every way. I would recommend the treatment and all the staff involved in this process.

5 star review

Ben CancyOwners of cats (renal failure)

It has been a privilege to see Stewart. He is very thorough in his investigations and listens to everything you tell him…Arnie has one more treatment left later this month and I am so grateful to Stewart and his team as I know Arnie would probably not be with me, if it wasn’t for Stewart.

5 star review

Jane GardinerOwner of Arnie the dog (IBD)

Treatment has proved to be of enormous benefit. There is no difficulty in getting Amira mobile and her enthusiasm for running is quite amazing…Long may it continue. I am very happy to recommend Stem Cell Vet.

5 star review

June ChapmanOwner of Amira the dog (arthritis)

Stewart and his team have been fabulous in supporting Ollie and us through the treatment, which has significantly improved his mobility…and is clearly in a much more comfort. All of the team care and treat your loved ones as if they were their own.

5 star review

Mandy MartinOwner of Ollie the dog (arthritis)

Dudley is currently doing so much better than before. He is his usual lively self and seems happy and well…We have great peace of mind knowing that Stem Cell Vet are doing all they can for him. I highly recommend contacting them.

5 star review

Grace CooperOwner of Dudley the cat (renal failure)

We immediately saw the difference. Stewart had a positive attitude and cared about the dog and not my credit card, unlike most of the other vets we had seen. We feel that Stewart has become a friend to us…our dog is now over 2 years old and we hope that with Stewart’s help she lives a lot longer.

5 star review

Etti TrentiniOwner of dog (renal failure)

What our service includes

Full initial consultation and physical exam with assessment and recommendations

Blood tests to ensure suitability for regenerative medicine therapy

Full radiograph service under anaesthetic

Injection of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) into joint(s)

Preparation, counting and culture of stem cells

Injection of stem cells into joint(s)

Storage of stem cells for future use in our dedicated lab

Follow up consultations at 30, 60 and 90 days

Are you ready to improve your pet’s quality of life, or do you still have questions about Stem Cell Therapy?

3 steps to an improved quality of life

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    FREE Telephone Consultation

    Get in touch now, by calling us or filing out the online form on our contact page, and we’ll call you back for a FREE telephone consultation to determine your pet’s potential suitability for treatment with Stem Cell Therapy and/or other regenerative therapies.

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    FREE Vet Consultation

    You and your pet will visit one of our clinics (in West London or Bruton, Somerset) for a FREE* consultation to discuss all your concerns and carry out a full clinical examination. We assess the current treatment protocol you have in place and make adjustments or recommendations so that we are happy that you have the benefit of all the most up to date therapies.

    This assessment will look at the suitability of any or all conventional treatments. In many cases, the patients we see are being treated with some or all of these but are still struggling with their condition. In these cases we look at Stem Cell Therapy as an additional benefit.

    * consultation fee is £120 but will be free for clients who proceed with treatment (£120 discount will be applied to subsequent treatment fees).

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    The procedure is carried out in one day as an outpatient, and patients generally do not need an overnight stay with us.

    We need some blood tests for anesthetic safety. Once we are happy with these, we administer a short general anesthetic. Typically this lasts 30 to 90 minutes.

    We need to take x-rays of the affected areas and also a chest x-ray. Where recent x-rays are available from your own vet, we will not need to repeat these.

    We then harvest approximately 40 grams of fat from a site behind the shoulder or just inside the tummy. At this time we may inject Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) into the affected joints. This reduces inflammation and pain in the joint and prepares it to receive stem cells, should they be required. Your pet is then woken from the anesthetic. There may be a few stitches that need to come out in 10 days.

    The fat is processed in our lab to isolate, concentrate and activate stem cells and this takes 10-14 days. Once we have the healthy stem cells, we organise a second appointment for a sedative to allow us to inject the cells directly into the affected joints.

    We’ll then book you follow up consultations at 30, 60 and 90 days.

    We ask you to send us follow up videos and updates on a weekly basis so we can keep a close eye on progress. Where repeat visits are difficult because of travel distances, we can arrange telephone consultations.

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