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Treat Arthritis in Dogs and Cats


Vets using adipose derived stem cell therapy report that 85% of all the cases they treat show a marked improvement in mobility, a marked reduction in pain and a marked improvement in quality of life within 5 months of treatment, many within just 3 weeks.

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Benefits of Stem Cell Therapy for Dogs & Cats

  • Improved quality of life

    Stem cell therapy for dogs & cats can improve the quality of their life by reducing pain, increasing mobility and effectively giving your pet a new lease of life.

  • Improved mobility and pain reduction in 85% of cases

    Stem cell therapy for dogs and cats has been shown to have an 85% success rate within 5 months of treatment and marked improvements are sometimes seen within just a few weeks.

  • Simple same day procedure

    Stem cell therapy for dogs & cats is a very straightforward procedure. It is easier to perform than a spay and can be completed on the same day.

  • Affordable

    The cost of treatment does vary for each patient depending on the individual clinical condition. Stem Cell therapy is covered by most Pet Insurance companies. We recommend an initial consultation with Dr Halperin during which all treatment and cost considerations are discussed thoroughly.

  • Quick recovery time

    It is recommended your pet be kept quiet and rested as much as possible for 10 days after treatment.

  • Benefits old and new injuries

    Stem cell therapy can still work regardless of the age or extent of the injuries, so it may not matter if your pet has had arthritis for several years or has only just begun to suffer from it.

  • Cells can be frozen for future use

    We can freeze some of the stem cells we harvest for later use which reduces the cost of future treatments, should they be necessary.


We are more than delighted with the care that Stewart Halperin and his team provides. We travelled from Harrogate in North Yorkshire to see Stewart as our little dog suffers from Acute Renal Failure, only 20% of her kidneys are working. We tried several vets in our region, they were very negative and told us she would only survive a few months at best. We found Stewart through the Internet as he and an American vet were working on the new stem cell treatment. We travelled to London to see Stewart, we immediately saw the difference. Stewart had a positive attitude and cared about the dog and not my credit card, unlike most of the other vets we had seen.

After a very in-depth examination and tests, he found that she was anaemic and got that resolved. He continues to monitor her treatment through our local vet and is in contact with us regularly for updates. We feel that Stewart has become a friend to us and we can contact him with any concerns that we may have. Our dog is now over 2 years old and we hope that with Stewart’s help she lives a lot longer.

Etti TrentiniDog with Acute Renal Failure

When my cats I have had for 15 years were diagnosed with kidney failure, I looked for a new treatment that would help them move forward with their condition. My cats have had six treatments of stem cells and are doing really well. The staff at Stem Cell Vet were amazing in every way. I would recommend the treatment and all the staff involved in this process.

Ben CancyCat with Renal Failure

Want to learn more about how Stem Cell Therapy can help treat arthritis in dogs and cats? Read more about the treatment details or watch the videos below.

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