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Stewart has been nothing but helpful through the entire process. Dudley is a young cat and was born with his condition that went unnoticed for a few years.

Our original vet gave us a very bad prognosis and scared, we came to Stewart for help. Through the treatment the whole team have been amazing and although we understand nothing is guaranteed, Dudley is currently doing so much better than before. He is his usual lively self and seems happy and well.

Stewart likes us to keep him updated with his progress and I know that he will be there for any future treatments that Dudley may require. We have great peace of mind knowing that Stewart is doing all he can for him. I highly recommend contacting Stem Cell Vet.

Grace CooperCat with Renal Failure

Amira is an ex-racing greyhound now 9 years old.  Before starting stem-cell treatment in 2015 she had great difficulty getting to her feet and cried out when trying to stand.  Bending her front legs presented difficulty when trying to retrieve anything at floor level.

Treatment has proved to be of enormous benefit.  There is no difficulty in getting mobile and her enthusiasm for running is quite amazing.  She is keen to run alone simply for the joy of it and plays enthusiastically with her 2 year old companion greyhound daily.  Long may it continue.

I am very happy to recommend Stem Cell Vet.

June ChapmanDog with Arthritis

I have a Golden Retriever Dog called Tigga. He was born on 5 February 2005 so now just over 10 years old. Tigga has always been a very active dog and I started training for Agility with him in 2007. An extremely successful Agility programme followed until 2013 when the dreaded arthritis reared its head.

Initially anti-inflammatories, enriched oils and acupuncture were given. However after some while on medication I felt Tigga was becoming lethargic and ageing far too quickly. Whilst browsing the Internet for other possible remedies to my delight I stumbled across Stem Cell Procedure. On further investigation I found this was being pioneered by a Vet called Stewart Halperin. One of his Surgeries being at Bruton in Somerset only 40 minutes drive from where Tigga and I live. That was in early July 2015.

I immediately sent Stewart an email asking if it would be possible for him to treat Tigga. To my delight later that day I received a reply asking me to telephone him. I had a long discussion with him and arranged to take Tigga to see him on 27 July. What an amazing Practice at Bruton Veterinary Surgery. We were given a very warm welcome and then taken in to meet Stewart. Stewart is the most amazing and wonderful man. He spent over an hour examining Tigga and taking Video’s of Tigga walking and running. He was so warm and gentle and conveyed total and utter confidence to me. Need I say when it was time for Tigga to go for the X-Rays he went off quite happily with Stewart not even looking back to myself. Wonderful!

When I collected a slightly drowsy Tigga in the evening Stewart again spent over an hour discussing the X-Rays and it was decided that initially the PRP procedure [platelet rich plasma] would be given followed a month or so later by the Stem Cell Procedure. After the PRP I could see a change in Tigga. He became more alert and interested in life and instead of plodding along on a walk he had a definite spring in his stride. His spark had come back. I was so delighted and wondered what the next procedure would do for Tigga.

Tigga has now had the Stem Cell Procedure and is recovering extremely well. He has had both his hips, elbows and right knee treated and there is absolutely no inflammation or swelling. Exercise, at present, is understandably limited much to Tigga’s disgust. He is so full of energy and the joy of living once again, it is marvellous.

All this has only been possible due to the phenomenal expertise of Stewart. His warmth and understanding is so re-assuring. He gives clear, detailed explanations and leaves one totally at ease about the entire procedure. He asks for continual updates both by telephone and email. I cannot thank him enough for all he has done for Tigga. He has given him a full life once again. His Staff are extremely attentive and caring, and my deepest gratitude to them.

It goes without saying that I feel truly blessed to have met Stewart and his Staff and if anyone has any doubts about remedies for Arthritis speak to Stewart and I recommend Stem Cell procedure for arthritis with total conviction.

Mary PiersDog with Arthritis

We are more than delighted with the care that Stewart Halperin and his team provides. We travelled from Harrogate in North Yorkshire to see Stewart as our little dog suffers from Acute Renal Failure, only 20% of her kidneys are working. We tried several vets in our region, they were very negative and told us she would only survive a few months at best. We found Stewart through the Internet as he and an American vet were working on the new stem cell treatment. We travelled to London to see Stewart, we immediately saw the difference. Stewart had a positive attitude and cared about the dog and not my credit card, unlike most of the other vets we had seen.

After a very in-depth examination and tests, he found that she was anaemic and got that resolved. He continues to monitor her treatment through our local vet and is in contact with us regularly for updates. We feel that Stewart has become a friend to us and we can contact him with any concerns that we may have. Our dog is now over 2 years old and we hope that with Stewart’s help she lives a lot longer.

Etti Trentini Dog with Acute Renal Failure

When my cats I have had for 15 years were diagnosed with kidney failure, I looked for a new treatment that would help them move forward with their condition. My cats have had six treatments of stem cells and are doing really well. The staff at Stem Cell Vet were amazing in every way. I would recommend the treatment and all the staff involved in this process.

Ben CancyCat with Renal Failure

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