There is so much “help” available to dogs with arthritis nowadays that it can be hard to find out what really works and what is some rather expensive snake oil. The very fact that you are reading this article likely means that you know this already. The web is chock-full of “miracle cures” for arthritis in dogs. However, the research into the condition still says that there isn’t a cure for arthritis, so is there really a miracle cure for arthritis or not?

I am sure you have seen that we treat arthritis in dogs with stem cell therapy, among other things. And I am sure that you believe we are about to say that this is the one true miracle cure for arthritis. However, we aren’t going to say that at all. In fact, we don’t believe that to be the case at all. Stem cell therapy is truly an excellent treatment for arthritis, but it doesn’t cure it because, currently, nothing can cure it.

We understand that you are looking to relieve the pain that your dog has from its arthritis and that these miracle cures offer you that chance. But there is no research to back up their claims. There are testimonials on these sites claiming that they can cure arthritis, but clearing up the symptoms of arthritis and being a cure are two very different things.

For example, the treatments that we believe to be the best can clear up the symptoms and even reset the joint back to its original health. We are under no illusions that we have cured arthritis by doing this. Instead, we provide the dogs that we treat with a care plan that means they can reap the benefits of the treatments that we use for as long as possible until the pain and swelling from arthritis returns.

Our treatment starts with stem cell therapy; this basically resets the joint. The stem cells are injected into the affected joint and multiply and change into any healthy tissue that a dog needs it to be. After this, your dog has about two years on average until the pain and swelling from arthritis returns. During this two year period, we work with the owner to create an exercise and diet regime to prolong the effects of the stem cell therapy treatment. We offer advice on supplements and exercises that can help maintain the health of the joint and build up muscle surrounding the joint to take the weight off of it. The hope is that this treatment can prolong the effects of stem cell therapy treatment.

We believe that stem cell therapy treatment is truly an excellent arthritis treatment, but it doesn’t cure arthritis, it simply slows it down, just like all the other great treatments available. There is no miracle cure for arthritis, but there are long-term treatments that are simple, natural and effective. If you use the help available to you as a dog owner right, you can help your dog in the short-term and the long-term and make sure they don’t suffer from the pain from arthritis at all.

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