Arthritis is a debilitating condition in dogs and humans alike. It can be hard to come to terms with your dog having this condition and needing treatment for the rest of their life to help them cope with the pain. Luckily, care for dogs with arthritis is not too difficult and you can make a huge difference to your dog’s life by doing some very simple things at home. These are the care options that we are going to discuss today. We hope you find the treatments below helpful in treating your dog’s arthritis.

3 effective care options for dogs with arthritis you can try at home

Changing their environment

Arthritis is a painful condition for any dog to go through and it can be made worse by their environment. For example, stairs can be a real issue for a dog with arthritis. If you can, install ramps around the home to help your dog. We aren’t saying install a ramp all the way up the stairs, you may have to start thinking about carrying your dog upstairs at night, but ramps up to sofas and your bed can make a huge difference to your dog.

A memory foam mattress can also help your dog get a good nights sleep. If you notice that your dog is restless and they keep getting up and trying to get comfortable, try a memory foam dog bed mattress. There are plenty on the market that can provide a comfortable place for your dog to sleep through the night.

Changing their diet

A healthy diet is a must for any dog, but for a dog with arthritis, it’s a key part of any treatment plan. A healthy diet of fresh vegetables, for example, allows your dog to lose any excess weight that is pressing down on their joints. This alone does a lot for the pain that comes from arthritis. Top this healthy diet off with the addition of supplements and you can actually provide your dog with a lot of pain relief and anti-inflammatory goodness. To find out more about this care option, please take a look at the other articles on our blog.

Changing their exercises

Hydrotherapy is an excellent way of keeping a dog with arthritis fit. It is a low-impact exercise in which your dog is put on a treadmill in water. The water provides resistance for your dog to work against meaning that they build up muscle far quicker than they would if they were just walking. The treadmill also allows them to build up more muscle than they could swimming. To find out more about hydrotherapy, please ask your dog’s vet.

We hope these 3 care options can help you treat your dog’s arthritis at home. To find out more about arthritis treatments available for your dog, you can explore our blog further. We have a lot of articles on here related to supplements, dietary needs, exercise and stem cell therapy that you may find useful if you are looking to treat your dog’s arthritis naturally and effectively.

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